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  Good team spirit, active and effective teamwork plays a very important role for the enterprise, where we have a common pursuit, we are full of hope, we Jia Ruixing stage to achieve one after another dream. Long way of life, like a journey on the same way, you and I can not and do not have to promise in the days of Jia Rui Xing will be forever, but must cherish today with each other.


  Integrity and responsibility is to maintain the fate of the link, pay and return the balance of the fate of this fate can be maintained for a long time, excellent team spirit, serious and responsible for each job, meticulous, excellent completion of your job is good The foundation of the great cause is also the source of the reward that you and I have.



Any challenge that does not raise the challenge of self is more challenging
Foreign Trade Director: Peng Sina

The most effective capital is our credibility. It has been working for us for 24 hours
Business Manager: Yao Chao

Management, research and development, production team Planning, execution, coordination, responsibility, persistence, dream

Companies continue to take the professional line, do special, and strengthen the existing products, to play their own advantages, to provide customers with better products, better service. Live up to the expectations of our society! Today, Jia Rui Xing has been working hard, tomorrow's good Ruixing worthy of your expectations, review the past, look to the future, in this era of competition, Jia Ruixing will be market-oriented, people-oriented, technology-supported, To create a strong, strong core competitiveness of the enterprise groups, where we will use faith, the pursuit and dedication to open a new voyage, courage to move forward to our ideals and goals, let us join hands to open the new good brilliant To create a better life!


Jia Ruixing finally think that regardless of management, production, quality and technology research and development, these departments of the management decision-making level of the core figures is essential. The authority of the leadership is based on its bye, the first to set off on the basis of, of course, should also have a plan, a goal, there are rules to gradually train the staff team awareness, so that the internal pace of the enterprise goals and codes of conduct under the norms, Consciously cultivate the team members of the code of conduct and work criteria, which is a good team spirit to have. Establish a sound and perfect enterprise management system, norms, Jia Ruixing to create a good team spirit has a positive effect.


Second, in the daily work to maintain a good cohesion and combat effectiveness, in addition to maintaining a high degree of unity, but also to achieve a high degree of staff, information exchange, timely communication. Jia Ruixing attaches great importance to management, production, quality and technology research and development of several departments, which is to ensure that staff enthusiasm is high, cohesion, innovation, pioneering power of the key, thus forming a heart to a thought to a good situation. Will make the customer's order to be effectively protected.



I thought, things do, words must line, line will fruit
Management Department: mold

With sincerity and diligence, pilot their own life
Engineering Technology Department: Han Chang


Small things start, do everything
Quality Department: Yao Hong

As long as we can dream, we can achieve
Production Department: Ouwei Lang